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Mike Crawford


BASI Level 4 ISTD Trainer & Examiner

Mike is based in Meribel, France with BASS Ski Schools during the winter and acts as a Rep for HEAD UK and owner of DataWax in Scotland during the summer.

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Join Hundreds of Skiers...

Who train with Mike Crawford to improve general technique, become ski instructors or train as athletes.

Working with YOU

Mike Crawford Snowsports

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For the past decade I've been working with the British Alpine Ski School in Meribel, France. Over that time I've built a really strong relationship with my clients who come back year after year just to ski with me. I also run the gap year training programme for students who want to become ski instructors. 


As a BASI Trainer I have worked my way up through the British system to achieve my ISTD Level 4 and now act as an examiner on their behalf. This includes running week long courses on the dry slopes, to the highest levels of exams everywhere from Europe to the Southern Hemisphere.


As a Brand Rep for HEAD UK,  I sell snowsports equipment to shops in the northern territory. This involves a lot of time on the road visiting my customers and attending trade shows. The event of the year is our international sales meeting where we get to see the designs for the coming year ahead of anyone else!


This company was something my dad and I took on as a passion project, having been previously owned by the Pirie family in Aberdeen. Since then we've rebranded and now manufacture all the wax locally in Glasgow. We've even managed to expand internationally into Europe and Canada.

How to get in Touch

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